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Service Offerings

Remote Healing Sessions

My remote healing services have changed to better serve my clients. Over the years I have gained, evolved, and developed stronger and more advanced methods of spiritual healing. Through my ability to heal through psychic means, I have found hundreds of ways to help people every day. Due to the increased demand for my services and the fact that I develop new abilities every week, I am now offering 4 stages of remote healing sessions to better serve my clients. 

These remote sessions require no appointments! I have found a way to streamline the requests so that I can assist more people every week. It's simple! Once I receive your payment and request for a remote healing session, you are added to my list ​and every week I will dedicate the 1 day to all remote healing sessions requested that week. Afterward, each person will receive an email regarding what was included in the session, aftercare instructions, and how long to wait before moving to the next stage of remote healing.

Everyone will receive the healing in the staged order I have provided and I will have a master list to track what stage you received and what you require next. The itemized list showing what was addressed will be sent by email, after your session.

How to book a remote session. Failure to follow these directions could result in your session not taking place. 

Option 1: If you live in Canada.

Send me an email at kimwuirch@hotmail.com and provide me with your full name.

Send an e-transfer for $70 CAD to kimwuirch@hotmail.com and in the etransfer message say "remote healing" and provide your email address so that I can match it to the email you sent.

Option 2: If you live in Canada, but need to pay by credit card OR you live anywhere outside of Canada. Please scroll down to the "Our Services" section, click the book-it button, fill out the form and you will have the option to pay securely using PayPal. Cost is increased to $73 CAD for this option to cover processing fees. 

STAGE 1: Master Clearing session (includes but not limited to; thoughts, beliefs, habits, stored emotions, lineage, tethers (cords), chakra clearing etc). A detailed list will be provided by email after the session is complete. 

STAGE 2: Master Healing session (includes but not limited to; Akashic Records re-writing, replacing spiritual aspects as required, physical healing, soul retrieval/healing, rewiring and reconditioning and much more).​

A detailed list will be provided by email after the session is complete. 

STAGE 3: Spiritual Development and Upgrades (includes but not limited to; attunements, activations, enhancements, upgrades, increasing of Clair abilities, DNA updates and much more).​

STAGE 4: Personalized healing/clearing/development Intended for those that still require something that was not addressed in previous sessions and may require more investigation. Also, applied to those just wanting maintenance to keep up their health and high vibration. 


For those who desire to meet in-person you can book a 1-hour private session with me for $140. 1-hour sessions can be in person at my home based business in Airdrie or via zoom. Just send a email to kimwuirch@hotmail.com to schedule a date/time.